Evolution Of Men’s Magazines

Men’s magazines were first printed in the early 20th century as a means to reproduce erotica by taking advantage of halftone printing to produce a more affordable and easier attainable product. These new magazines first appeared in France with images that were shocking for the time along with articles highlighting art and celebrating nudism.

By the 40’s men’s magazines captured the imagination of World War II soldiers by providing “pinups” to decorate their walls highlighting women’s legs and breasts.

The medium evolved into what we know today as men’s magazines with the rise of Playboy and Penthouse pushing the envelope with erotic depictions of women and publishing full frontal nudity with the inclusion of pubic hair.

The 90s saw men’s magazines  feature harder material including group sex, lesbianism and fetishes but the late 90s the traditional men’s magazine has been challenged by a new breed of publication  like FHM and Loaded with an emphasis on softcore photography.

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