Issue 2- Food availible by end of week

A woman wearing a pink covered in .
A woman wearing a pink covered in custard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The human needs for food and sex are very basic. When you eat you are using many of your  senses  at once. Its no mystery that the two can sometimes become intertwined combining into one mind blowing experience.

Food play can take on both a sexual and nonsexual role during erotic situations.

A display of food, the enjoyment of food preparation or even play centered around food can be highly erotic but nonsexual within itself.

It has been suggested that some foods may cause sexual arousal by simple consumption.

Other foods are sometimes used as a  replacement due to their  phallic shape or as a warm cavity to serve as  safe harbor for men in need of comfort.

Combining the two sensations are not restricted to private consumption either. This persuit of refreshment/pleasure can include drinks when imbibing liquid refreshment usually containing some form of alchol.

This second installment of Love Socket explores some of these topics as well as  others for the sake of  both art and pure adult enjoyment.

Enjoy the pages of this Food issue and stimulate your senses as you enjoy the art and talent of Atlanta artists and models. Find us on the web download for free and share


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